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Package racy deals with file cryptography


Package Files

racy.go xor.go


var NewHash = sha512.New

NewHash returns a new hash.Hash

func XOR

func XOR(hs ...[]byte) []byte

XOR takes 2 or more byte slices and xors them.

func XORBytes

func XORBytes(a, b []byte) []byte

XORBytes takes two byte slices and XORs them

type Option

type Option func(*Racy)

func AllowExtension

func AllowExtension(ext string) Option

type Racy

type Racy struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Racy is used in hashing targets.

func New

func New(options ...Option) *Racy

New takes nothing and returns a new Racy

func (*Racy) HashFiles

func (r *Racy) HashFiles(files ...string) error

func (*Racy) HashSkylarkValue

func (r *Racy) HashSkylarkValue(v skylark.Value)

func (*Racy) HashSkylarkValues

func (r *Racy) HashSkylarkValues(vals ...skylark.Value)

func (*Racy) HashStrings

func (r *Racy) HashStrings(strs ...string)

HashStrings hashes strings written to Racy