You can install bldy simply by "go get"ing.

go get

Or download the source code

Source code (zipball)
Source code (tarball)

We also have precompiled binaries:

darwin_386_bldy 4.5M
darwin_amd64_bldy 5.3M
freebsd_386_bldy 4.6M
freebsd_amd64_bldy 5.4M
freebsd_arm_bldy 4.7M
linux_386_bldy 4.6M
linux_amd64_bldy 5.5M
linux_arm_bldy 4.7M
netbsd_386_bldy 4.6M
netbsd_amd64_bldy 5.4M
netbsd_arm_bldy 4.7M
openbsd_386_bldy 4.6M
openbsd_amd64_bldy 5.4M
windows_386_bldy.exe 4.8M
windows_amd64_bldy.exe 5.6M